Audacity 2.0.6

Free software that can be used on most audio-file formats for editing purposes

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    Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000

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Audacity 2.0.6
Audacity 1.3.12

Audacity Beta is a tool for capturing and editing sound on the users' computer. It is great for those who want to mix music or make podcasts because it allows for users to work with multiple audio tracks at once. It is as easy as dragging and dropping audio tracks into place and then cutting and pasting them from there. Just like with video editing software everything appears in a timeline, where users can easily make changes without too much hassle. Users can link their personal microphone directly into the Audacity Beta software and begin editing right away.

It is simple to use, especially compared to other audio editing systems, but it does require a bit of knowledge about computers to be able to get the full use out of it. Editing audio can be difficult and even though Audacity Beta makes it much more approachable it can still be a bit overwhelming.

Audacity Beta is a test version of the software Audacity. Because it is a test version it does have some bugs that will need to be worked out.

Audacity Beta is like having a whole arsenal of advanced sound recording tools right at your fingertips. It is great for those who are just starting with editing audio or those who want to use it recreationally.

In this beta product, there have been some complaints concerning how often the software seems to crash. There have also been some complaints it can cause distortion when using certain kinds of microphones. It is helpful to keep this in mind before downloading Audacity in its beta form.

Audacity Beta is currently offered for Windows and Apple operating systems. It is offered in twenty-six different languages. It has a relatively small download size and doesn't take a lot of time to download. It is completely free.


  • Easy software when it comes to audio editing
  • Completely free
  • A complete arsenal of advanced tools for editing
  • Produces good quality sounding audio


  • Complaints of crashing
  • Complaints of distortion with some microphones
  • Not completely user-friendly
  • Is just a beta version

Audacity is a popular audio editing program that allows users to tweak and customize many different types of audio files.

With Audacity Beta, users can import their own audio and music files, add in various effects to different tracks, and combine various tracks to create a mix.

Immediately, users will notice that functionality and control are at their fingertips when it comes to recording and editing. Not only can you cut tracks, but you can also create live recordings that can then be edited and fused with other sounds and effects. The result can be exported in a variety of formats. However, before saving, it's worth it to look into the plethora of effects that Audacity offers. Audacity can also be paired with plug-ins from the official website that extend its functionality and make it an even more powerful audio editing program.

Using Audacity's interface, the user has many of its core functions at his/her finger tips. Tools like "Copy," "Paste," and "Cut" are readily available so you don't have to keep fishing through menus to complete simple tasks. If you microphone hardware that is compatible with your computer, you can link it to Audacity to apply your own voice to a track.

Experienced users who have spent a fair amount of time using all types of audio editing software will find that Audacity (especially the Beta) does not hold its own against other professional, commercial titles. The interface isn't very exciting, and in some cases, it can be rather confusing. Crashing has also been commonly reported for this flavor of Audacity.

Overall, Audacity is a great solution for those who want to mix tracks together without having to navigate confusing settings and menus. Audacity is rather simple for anyone to pick up and start using, and even some of the more advanced features aren't hard to figure out with a little practice. See what you can create with Audacity Beta!


  • Works with a vast variety of audio formats.
  • Audacity has many popular tools and filters that other titles have.


  • Audacity Beta has a tendency to crash.
  • Some might find that the user interface is dull in nature.

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